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Food Knowledge
Regenerative Farming vs Factory Farming


Pastured Poultry vs Factory Farming

Factory Farmed Chicken's live under the harshest conditions. Where they spend 24/7 under florescent lights, crammed in 62" of space for 8-12 weeks. That's living on an iPad worth of space.


Dead carcasses only removed when noticed. Breathing in fecal matter all day which gets into the lining of their lungs. The day of slaughter your chicken is shocked or gassed to death, which curdles the blood, not allowing it to be drained. After all of that the chicken is "eviscerated" by machines flinging more fecal matter around on & into the bird carcas.


It's washed off & thrown into a cool bin where any fecal matter not seen sinks to the bottom & your chicken which is now swimming in fecal soup. Up to 9% of the cook off weight (the liquid or juices you see in your pan when you're done cooking) can be that same fecal soup it sat in & soaked up.


Now imagine birds being raised on a pasture. Fresh fermented feed & bugs that's good for their guts everyday. Raised with 8-12 weeks of tender loving care & 1 day of suffering.


Every bird is hand dressed by someone involved in caring for & raising them. From the moment they're born, to the time the chicken hits your platet.


Which will you feed your family with? Fecal soup chicken that's been basically abused its entire life, OR chicken that has been loved it's entire life. It's time to Come & Taste the difference.


Pastured Raised Eggs

A 2010 study from Penn State showed that pastured raised eggs had twice as much Vitamin E & Long Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids as eggs from caged hens.

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Raw Milk  Compared to Other Milks

48 Million cases of food-borne illness in America


42 come from Raw Milk


That's 0.0005% of cases


~3% of the population regularly drinks raw milk


42 of them get sick


Less than 0.0025% of regular raw milk enjooyers getting sick


Where's the danger?




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