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Introducing our Cream-on-Top Raw Cows Milk 1.5-gallon/month!


Our raw milk is packed with essential nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria that are often destroyed during pasteurization. The cream rises to the top naturally, making it easy to skim off for those who prefer a lower fat content. The cream-on-top raw milk is perfect for those looking to incorporate high-quality, nutrient-rich dairy into their diet. With no added hormones or antibiotics, our raw milk is as close to nature as it gets, providing superior taste and nutrition. Enjoy the rich, creamy flavor and numerous health benefits of our Cream-on-Top Raw Cows Milk today!

To gain access to our raw milk join our Farm Share Program Click Here




Cream-on-Top Raw Cows Milk 1 Gallon

  • By subscribing to our farm share program you a signing up for a share of Daisy. The monthly subscription goes to feeding and maintaining Daisy's health.

    You get to benefit from what she produces as a part share owner.

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