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Farm Share Only

Our 2% Raw Milk is just as delicious and nutritious as our Cream-on-Top Raw Milk. Receive 2 gallons a month with our Farm Share Beginner Membership

To gain access to our raw milk join our Farm Share Program Click Here

Our raw cow's milk from Daisy is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pasteurized milk. Raw milk has a unique flavor and creamy texture that is hard to replicate. Not only does it taste great, but raw milk also contains beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and enzymes that are destroyed during the pasteurization process. Our cows are raised on a small family farm and are grass-fed, ensuring the highest quality of milk possible. Try our raw milk today and taste the difference

2% Raw Cows Milk 1 Gallon

  • By subscribing to our farm share program you a signing up for a share of Daisy. The monthly subscription goes to feeding and maintaining Daisy's health.

    You get to benefit from what she produces as a part share owner.

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