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A Central Texas regenerative farm that raises chickens, cows, & goats.


About Us:

Our Farming Philosophy

Founded in 2023 by a group of passionate farmers, FAFO Farms TX emerged from a shared vision of reviving traditional farming methods in harmony with nature. Our journey began with a commitment to Joel Salatin’s model, inspiring us to cultivate a thriving ecosystem.

Joel Salatin’s farming ethos deeply influences our approach. We prioritize animal welfare, soil regeneration, and holistic land management to produce nutritious, sustainable food.

Get to know our dedicated team of farmers, each driven by a love for the land and a shared dedication to regenerative agriculture.

Our Products:

Sustainably Raised goods

Indulge in our farm-fresh produce, including golden-yolked eggs from free-range chickens, raw milk, raw cream, butter, and goat milk soaps.

We take pride in delivering premium, ethically sourced goods, ensuring every product meets our high standards of quality, taste, and sustainability.

“FAFO Farms TX’ eggs are unlike any other – rich and flavorful!” – Emily J. Join the chorus of satisfied customers who appreciate our commitment to quality.

Our Practices:

Regenerative Farming in Action

Our animals are raised in open pastures, ensuring they live in natural environments. We practice rotational grazing, allowing the land and animals to thrive symbiotically, just as nature intended.

Through careful rotational systems, we regenerate soil health and biodiversity. Our approach includes mob grazing and regenerative practices to enrich the land. Embracing sustainable methods such as composting, permaculture principles, and minimal intervention infrastructure, we reduce our environmental impact while maximizing productivity.


Engage with Our Farm

Experience life on the farm through guided tours, workshops, and seasonal events. Dive into the world of regenerative farming and witness our practices firsthand. Also, Join our CSA program, volunteer opportunities, or educational workshops. Be part of a community dedicated to sustainable living and ethical consumption. Connect with us to learn more, and inquire about products or updates about the farm.

Contact Us:

1140 County Road 106, Purmela TX 76566

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